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Septic Systems Services
  • System Field Design
  • Permits and Testing
  • Site Assessment
  • Home Buying Inspections
  • Subdivision Approval
  • Municipal Sewer Connection
  • Wastewater Recycling
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Septic System Design

tempDesigning your septic system requires using the information from the site assessment and other information provided by you. We factor home size, the number of bedrooms, and the future use of your property into the design.

We design your system following the codes and regulations set out by the B.C. government’s Standard Practice Manual (SPM). Our proven systems are built with the environment, health, safety, and your specific needs in mind.

Once the site assessment is complete, we put together a report that includes a detail of the design with an explanation for initial filing. At the same time, we provide you with a project quote and installation contract.

We submit the appropriate filing to the local health authority on your behalf. In the case of new home construction, this step is needed in order to obtain a building permit.

Once the installation is complete, we test the system to ensure everything is working properly. You receive an operation and maintenance manual, complete with as built drawings, a maintenance plan, and details of the components and workings of your system. We then file this manual with the local health authority, and you receive a copy for your records as well.

With over 25 different septic system options commonly used in British Columbia, the first step in designing the most efficient and cost effective system for your property is to complete a site assessment. We work with our clients to help find the best location and most efficient system for their property.

Septic Maintenance

tempThe overall life of your onsite septic system comes down to three things: design, installation, and maintenance. Regularly servicing your septic system will ensure a long lasting, trouble free wastewater system.

At NEWater, we are proud to stand behind and maintain every septic system we design and install. Once the design and installation are complete, our clients receive an operation and maintenance manual, which includes a maintenance program tailored to their specific system.

We record and file all service for the homeowner and for our records. Our customers have confidence knowing their wastewater system is being carefully managed.


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